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Course Qualifications

Course Qualifications

There are three levels of qualification that you can reach when you do the Positive Thinking correspondence course offered by The Peiffer Foundation:


You will be awarded the Certificate when you complete all the units and all the assignments. The Certificate is for those who want to do the course for their own benefit without using their knowledge professionally.


Should you want to teach Positive Thinking to groups of people in evening classes or give talks about Positive Thinking, you will be required to pass a written exam in three parts after you finish the last assignment for Unit 10. This exam is free of charge and you can do it at home. You will also be required to attend 12 hours of practical training via video, divided into 2 hour slots once a week.


Should you want to become a professional Positive Training counsellor, you will need to pass the Teaching Diploma exam successfully and you will also be required to attend an additional 24 hours of practical training in addition to the 12 hours you have already undertaken for your Teaching Diploma. Once you have completed the practial training, you will be required to work under supervision for the first 50 case studies that you undertake.


”The modules were easy to follow and taught me so much professionally as well as personally.Vera and Max have both been supportive throughout the course and even now that I am qualified, I still receive support and encouragement from them both. I highly recommend this course.” – Miss Christine A.