Positive Thinking Correspondence Course

If you feel you lack confidence, get stressed too easily or don’t feel as happy as you could, this course is for you. The course will help you make constructive and effective moves forward in your personal development. Each course unit contains exercises and tasks for you to carry out to allow you to make progress with the issues you want to resolve in your life.

The course:

The course consists of ten units that you can work through in your own time. Each unit contains tasks and exercises for you to carry out. These will not only deepen your theoretical understanding of each unit, but they will also allow you to make faster progress with the issues you want to resolve in your life.

Each unit carries an assignment which you complete and send to your tutor before the next unit is dispatched to you. In this way you will have feedback on how you are doing all along the way, and questions can be answered while the unit is still fresh in your mind.

You can use the course for persional development only or you can do a written exam and practical training to qualify as a Practical Thinking counsellor.


  • Mind over matter: the pendulum experiment
  • The function of the conscious and subconscous mind
  • What is positive thinking?


  • Find out how you speak to yourself in your mind
  • Converting negative thoughts into positive self-talk
  • The golden rules of Positive Thinking


  • Getting in touch with your subconscious mind
  • Correct Breathing
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation


  • Establishing your personal success programme
  • Setting realistic goals and achieving them
  • Taking responsibility


  • Visualisation – seeing the successful outcome
  • The screen technique – overcoming phobias


  • How to stay optimistc when things go wrong
  • How to deal with pessimistic people
  • Letting off steam: The Anger Room Visualisation


  • How fear comes about
  • Different degrees of fear
  • Overcoming fear: Gradual Desensitisation
  • The Advanced Screen Technique: overcoming past traumas


  • Beliefs and how they influence your behaviour
  • Dealing with habits
  • Coping with change


  • Self sabotage and how to prevent it
  • Negotiating a better deal with your subconscious mind

UNIT 10:

Positive Thinking scripts for:

  1. Confidence
  2. Losing weight
  3. Passing tests and exams
  4. Stopping smoking for good

For a PDF course brochure, please e-mail us at verapeiffermail@gmail.com.

There are three levels of qualification you can achieve from following the course. See Course Qualifications for more details


“I have really enjoyed learning about this fascinating subject. Vera was encouraging, helpful and always approachable. The course itself was very well run with the course content being well presented and very informative. The support is 100% and I would recommend this course to anyone. A truly positive experience! ” Miss A.B.