Supplement Advice


  • Are you sure you are taking the right ones?
  • Are you sure you are taking the right amount?
  • Do you know how long to take your supplements for?

We are all very health conscious today and many people recognise that vitamins, minerals and herbs can be helpful not just in supplementing our diet, but also in helping and supporting the body when we are stressed or unwell.

Supplements are an excellent way to preserve health, but where do you start? Newspapers and magazines are full of articles about the benefits of various supplements, and this can make it hard to choose.

Find out what your body really needs by sending in a hair of nail sample and receive a personalised supplement plan which tells you exactly what you need to take, how much and for how long.


If you want to take the guesswork out of taking supplements, all you have to do is send in a small sample of hair from your head, or nail clipppings from your fingernail, and I can radionically test what your body needs to regain or retain a healthy balance.

Obtaining a personalised supplement plan is simple.

  • Email me on
    and ask for an order form for your Personalised Supplement Plan.
  • Complete the order form and supply a small hair or nail sample.
  • Mail the hair/nail sample to me at the address given on the order form, together with your payment of £40.

You will receive a plan detailing which supplements you need to take, with clear instructions of how many tablets or drops and for how long.